Unshaken Saints
2 Kings 1-13: The Ministry of Elisha

2 Kings 1-13: The Ministry of Elisha

June 29, 2022

An in-depth study of 2 Kings 1-13, which recounts the ministry of Elisha. This lesson focuses on passing the mantle, mocking "baldness," the widow's oil, the Shunammite woman, Naaman the leper, Gehazi's greed, floating iron, eyes to see, the end of Ahab & Jezebel, repairing the Temple, a prophet's bones, and more.

0:00 Introduction

3:53 Elijah and the Captains of 50

20:57 Elisha's Loyalty to Elijah

31:11 Elijah Caught Up to Heaven

40:45 Passing the Mantle

56:26 Salting the Spring

1:01:52 Mocking Bald Elisha

1:09:37 Victory Over the Enemies of Israel

1:23:04 The Widow's Oil

1:32:31 Making Room for the Prophet

1:42:26 Raising the Woman's Son

2:06:00 Embodying the Condescension of Christ

2:12:22 Replacing Bad with Good & Inadequacy with Abundance

2:16:22 Naaman the Leper

2:45:15 Gehazi's Greed

3:00:38 Floating Iron

3:07:59 Eyes to See

3:17:28 Scarcity and Abundance

3:39:50 Seeing a Future You're Meant to Avoid

3:54:15 Choosing the Wrong Side of the Family Tree

4:01:51 The Death of Jezebel & the End of Ahab's Line

4:14:49 Jehosheba, Jehoiada, & the Return of the King

4:28:08 Repairing the Temple

4:40:05 Losing a Righteous Influence

4:47:13 The Death of Elisha

4:55:13 Conclusion

1 Kings 12-22: ”How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?”

1 Kings 12-22: ”How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?”

June 22, 2022

An in-depth study of 1 Kings 12-22, which recount the reigns of Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Asa, Ahab, and Jehoshaphat, and the ministry of the prophet Elijah. This lesson focuses on overzealousness or laxity, counterfeit or real religion, reform and obedience, wickedness or righteousness, trust in the Lord, false or true prophets, the still, small voice, the valley of decision, and more.

0:00 Introduction

2:54 The Books of Chronicles

11:00 Chronicles on David & Solomon

27:12 Rehoboam's Overzealous Leadership

49:29 Jeroboam's Convenient Idolatry

1:02:36 Counterfeit vs. Real Religion

1:14:06 Real Reform & Exact Obedience

1:26:28 Vision in a Blind Seer

1:47:26 Abijam & Asa

2:10:12 Wickedness in Israel

2:17:01 Sealing the Heavens

2:26:20 Elijah & the Widow of Zarephath

2:44:10 Raising the Widow's Son

2:56:42 Elijah & the Priests of Baal

3:37:41 The Still, Small Voice

3:57:09 Elijah Calls Elisha

4:00:05 God of the Hills & Valleys

4:06:47 Misplaced Mercy or Exact Obedience

4:14:15 Ahab & Jezebel

4:20:21 King Jehoshaphat

4:25:22 False Prophets or True?

4:45:23 Jehoshaphat's Repentance & Reform

4:50:38 Fear, Fasting, and Faith

4:59:59 Stand Still & See the Salvation of the Lord

5:09:26 The Valley of Decision

5:15:49 Conclusion

2 Samuel 1-1 Kings 11: David & Solomon

2 Samuel 1-1 Kings 11: David & Solomon

June 15, 2022

An in-depth study of 2 Samuel and the first half of 1 Kings, which recounts the reigns of King David and King Solomon. This lesson focuses on loving your enemies, proclaiming peace, steadying the ark, David and Bathsheba, Amnon and Tamar, the rebellion of Absalom, a prodigal's return, wisdom, largeness of heart, judging without becoming judgmental, building with cedar and gold, temple dedications, worldliness and materialism, and more.

0:00 Introduction

4:30 3 Kings of United Israel

8:50 Mourning for Jonathan & Saul

26:23 David Anointed King of Judah

32:58 Proclaiming Peace

41:17 The Rise of David

53:28 King Over All Israel

1:05:17 Steadying the Ark

1:26:47 Desire to Build the Temple

1:50:18 Extending the Kingdom & Establishing Peace

2:08:45 David & Bathsheba

2:51:05 David's Sin Is Revealed

3:09:24 Amnon & Tamar

3:30:30 Absalom Flees & Returns: Reconciliation

3:47:24 Absalom's Rebellion

4:06:50 The Death of Absalom

4:15:41 Recovering from Rebellion

4:38:56 A Psalm of David

4:46:23 The Arm of Flesh

5:04:55 David's Last Days

5:08:02 Solomon as Successor

5:30:34 The Wisdom of Solomon

5:43:57 Discerning a Mother & Dividing a Child

5:55:56 Largeness of Heart

6:02:44 Building the Temple

6:23:40 Cedar and Gold

6:32:14 The Dedication of the Temple

6:58:02 Wisdom or Wealth?

7:02:21 Worldliness and Materialism

7:19:23 Conclusion

1 Samuel 8-31: ”The Battle Is the Lord’s”

1 Samuel 8-31: ”The Battle Is the Lord’s”

June 8, 2022

An in-depth study of 1 Samuel 8-31, which includes the stories of Samuel, Saul, Jonathan, David, Goliath, and Abigail. This lesson focuses on honoring choices you don't agree with, sacrifice & obedience, true courage, the inward vs. the outward, carrying your own shield of faith, love and envy, position or person, loving our enemies, forgiveness and the atonement (the story of Abigail is a must-learn!), and more.

0:00 Introduction

2:23 When a Loved One Makes a Choice You Don't Agree With

26:00 The Samuel Principle

40:12 The Call of Saul

52:51 Saul Anointed & Transformed

1:05:02 Israel United, Rebuked, & Reassured

1:19:46 Saul Offers Sacrifice

1:26:24 No Smiths in Israel

1:33:20 Jonathan & the Philistine Garrison

1:53:44 To Obey Is Better than Sacrifice

2:15:39 Samuel Chooses David

2:31:09 David & Goliath

3:10:29 Jonathan's Love & Saul's Envy

3:43:37 Saul versus David

4:09:37 David Spares Saul's Life

4:20:06 David & Abigail

4:43:18 David Spares Saul Again

4:52:14 The Witch of Endor

5:00:29 David among the Philistines

5:12:45 The End of Saul

5:17:19 Conclusion

Ruth - 1 Samuel 7: ”Whither Thou Goest…”

Ruth - 1 Samuel 7: ”Whither Thou Goest…”

June 1, 2022

An in-depth study of the Book of Ruth and the first 7 chapters of 1 Samuel, which cover the stories of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz, and those of Hannah, Eli, and Samuel. This lesson focuses on living with loss, waiting for blessings, selflessness over selfishness, honoring the stranger, gleaning in the right fields, comforting the afflicted, waiting for blessings, trusting fallible leaders, raiders of the lost ark, and more.

0:00 Introduction to the Book of Ruth

4:18 Famine & Loss

11:44 Thinking of Others or Thinking of Self

26:47 Putting Your Blessings on Hold to Bless Others

31:27 Deciding to Go or to Stay

40:15 Giving In & Going Home

45:43 Gleaning in Boaz's Field

54:17 Providing & Protecting

57:42 Honoring the Stranger

1:03:17 Trust Under the Wings

1:09:05 Going Above & Beyond the Minimum

1:18:13 A Near Kinsman

1:25:26 Gleaning in the Right Fields

1:31:33 Ruth & Boaz at the Threshingfloor

1:42:20 Spreading the Skirt

1:54:10 Redeeming Ruth

2:05:00 Hannah's Portion & Provocation

2:16:06 Comforting the Afflicted

2:21:09 Hannah's Prayer & Eli's Misjudgment

2:36:44 Hannah & Samuel

2:48:45 The Song of Hannah

2:56:09 The Sins of the Sons of Eli

3:12:54 Samuel's Call

3:26:25 Raiders of the Lost Ark

3:35:45 The Consequences of Taking the Ark Unworthily

3:49:44 Returning to the Lord

3:55:26 Conclusion: Ebenezer

The Book of Judges: The Pride Cycle

The Book of Judges: The Pride Cycle

May 25, 2022

An in-depth study of the Book of Judges, which recounts round after round of the pride cycle as leadership in Israel passes from judge to judge. This lesson focuses on the pride cycle, an incomplete conquest, mothers in Israel, the song of Deborah, faith and doubt, the parable of the bramble, Jephthah and his daughter, Samson's strength and weakness, the problem of priestcraft, defending virtue, and more. Join Jared Halverson for your weekly Come Follow Me study of the Old Testament!

0:00 Introduction to the Book of Judges

3:01 The Pride Cycle

14:46 An Incomplete Conquest

23:29 Making the Rounds of Righteousness & Wickedness

43:25 The First Minor Judges

51:24 Deborah & Jael

1:08:06 The Song of Deborah & Mothers in Israel

1:31:45 Gideon's Doubt & Faith

1:54:49 The Sword of the Lord & of Gideon

2:17:28 Gideon's Aftermath

2:29:33 Abimelech's Reign & the Parable of the Bramble

2:44:07 Justice & Mercy, Goodness & Grief

2:52:11 Jephthah & His Daughter

3:14:07 Samson's Strength & Weakness

3:53:49 Samson & Delilah

4:14:46 Micah and the Problem of Priestcraft

4:32:13 The Levite's Concubine and the Price of Virtue

4:59:23 Conclusion

The Book of Joshua: ”Choose You This Day”

The Book of Joshua: ”Choose You This Day”

May 18, 2022

An in-depth study of the Book of Joshua, which recounts Israel's entry into the Promised Land and their conquest of Canaan. This lesson focuses on filling shoes, crossing the Jordan, the Battle of Jericho, Achan the accursed, lengthening our days, the mainstream and the margins, and more.

0:00 Introduction

5:31 Joshua, filling shoes

16:37 Preparing for the Promised Land

34:05 Rahab in Jericho

53:34 Crossing the Jordan River

1:08:02 Magnifying, Memorializing, and Renewing Covenants

1:30:19 The Battle of Jericho

1:46:45 Achan the Accursed

2:19:53 The Battle of Ai

2:25:42 The Gibeonites' Trick

2:37:11 God Fighting Battles & Lengthening Days

2:53:11 The Conquest Continues & Caleb Stakes a Claim

3:10:28 Inheritances in Israel

3:30:15 Mainstream & Margin, Exceptions & Rules

4:12:59 Conclusion

The Book of Deuteronomy: ”Lest Ye Forget”

The Book of Deuteronomy: ”Lest Ye Forget”

May 11, 2022

An indepth study of the Book of Deuteronomy, which recounts Moses' recitation of the Law before Israel enters the Promised Land. This lesson focuses on urgency & obedience, faith over fear, accepting what God gives you, a God so nigh, staying within the covenant, blessings and curses, choosing life, and more.

0:00 Introduction

2:33 The Book of Deuteronomy

9:53 Urgency & Obedience

23:54 Faith over Fear & Honoring Others' Territory

36:11 Learning to Accept What God Gives You

47:06 The Charge to Obey

1:00:18 A God so Nigh

1:11:51 Loving & Remembering God

1:30:55 Staying Within the Covenant

1:41:32 Learning Humility

1:56:52 Obedience, Blessings, & Curses

2:12:45 Snared by False Gods

2:23:45 Being Different & Caring for the Different

2:44:25 True Leaders & True Messengers

2:57:53 Civil Law & the Laws of Enlistment

3:26:54 Transgender

3:37:02 Immorality, Adultery, & Rape

3:47:55 The Fugitive Slave Act, Foreign Labor, & Convicts

4:04:19 Blessings & Memorials

4:12:30 Blessings & Curses

4:22:12 Choose Life

4:33:40 Final Charge & Final Blessings

4:53:22 The Passing of Moses

5:00:04 Conclusion

The Book of Numbers: ”Look and Live”

The Book of Numbers: ”Look and Live”

May 5, 2022

An indepth study of the Book of Numbers, which recounts the Israelites' 40 years of wandering in the wilderness and the lessons they learned along the way. This lesson focuses on ransoming the firstborn, awakening a guilty conscience, balancing flexibility and obedience, murmuring and meekness, faith or fear, the brazen serpent, Balaam's donkey, and more. 

0:00 Introduction

2:21 The Book of Numbers: "Wander, Wander, Die"

12:44 Numbering Israel & Setting up Camp

22:08 Setting Up Camp

31:29 Ransoming the Firstborn

51:28 Awakening a Guilty Conscience

1:06:56 Set Apart for God

1:24:26 Gifts to God

1:41:55 Flexibility & Obedience

1:59:09 Murmuring about the Manna

2:18:15 The Meekness of Moses

2:47:05 Spying Out the Land

2:57:16 Faith or Fear

3:14:18 Rebellion in the Ranks

3:36:55 Proof of the Priesthood

3:54:24 Moses' Mistake

4:07:34 The Brazen Serpent

4:20:23 Balaam & the Rewards of Unrighteousness

5:00:18 Idolatry & Adultery

5:09:00 Renumbering Israel & Exceptions to the Rule

5:18:47 Successors & Mentors

5:35:47 Unity & Diversity

5:46:33 Exodus & Inheritance

5:58:59 Conclusion

The Book of Leviticus (& Exodus 35-40): ”Holiness to the Lord”

The Book of Leviticus (& Exodus 35-40): ”Holiness to the Lord”

April 29, 2022

An indepth study of the Book of Leviticus, along with Exodus 35-40, which recounts the construction of the Tabernacle and sacrificial rites and religious rituals of ancient Israel. This lesson focuses on the power of symbolism, offering our all, strange fire, cleansing the leper, the Day of Atonement, pilgrimage feasts, knowing the Lord, and more.

0:00 Introduction

1:18 Symbolism

11:51 A Willing and Wise Heart

30:06 Offering Our All

40:35 Melting Down Our Mirrors

45:52 Finishing the Tabernacle

1:00:36 Intro to Leviticus

1:05:55 Burnt Offerings

1:22:08 Meat & Peace Offerings

1:34:58 Sin & Trespass Offerings

1:54:37 Providing for the Priests & Consecrating Them

2:02:43 True Fire and Strange Fire

2:30:34 Clean and Unclean

2:44:37 Quarantining Iniquity

2:54:36 Cleansing the Leper

3:14:18 Issues of Blood

3:22:07 Day of Atonement & the Scapegoat

3:40:45 I Am the Lord

3:48:35 Being Different & Making a Difference

4:04:19 Feasts of the Jewish Calendar

4:08:17 The Strictness of the Law

4:18:34 The Jubilee

4:28:49 Blessings or Curses

4:39:42 Knowing What or Why or Who

4:47:58 Conclusion

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