Unshaken Saints
The Book of Numbers: ”Look and Live”

The Book of Numbers: ”Look and Live”

May 5, 2022

An indepth study of the Book of Numbers, which recounts the Israelites' 40 years of wandering in the wilderness and the lessons they learned along the way. This lesson focuses on ransoming the firstborn, awakening a guilty conscience, balancing flexibility and obedience, murmuring and meekness, faith or fear, the brazen serpent, Balaam's donkey, and more. 

0:00 Introduction

2:21 The Book of Numbers: "Wander, Wander, Die"

12:44 Numbering Israel & Setting up Camp

22:08 Setting Up Camp

31:29 Ransoming the Firstborn

51:28 Awakening a Guilty Conscience

1:06:56 Set Apart for God

1:24:26 Gifts to God

1:41:55 Flexibility & Obedience

1:59:09 Murmuring about the Manna

2:18:15 The Meekness of Moses

2:47:05 Spying Out the Land

2:57:16 Faith or Fear

3:14:18 Rebellion in the Ranks

3:36:55 Proof of the Priesthood

3:54:24 Moses' Mistake

4:07:34 The Brazen Serpent

4:20:23 Balaam & the Rewards of Unrighteousness

5:00:18 Idolatry & Adultery

5:09:00 Renumbering Israel & Exceptions to the Rule

5:18:47 Successors & Mentors

5:35:47 Unity & Diversity

5:46:33 Exodus & Inheritance

5:58:59 Conclusion

The Book of Leviticus (& Exodus 35-40): ”Holiness to the Lord”

The Book of Leviticus (& Exodus 35-40): ”Holiness to the Lord”

April 29, 2022

An indepth study of the Book of Leviticus, along with Exodus 35-40, which recounts the construction of the Tabernacle and sacrificial rites and religious rituals of ancient Israel. This lesson focuses on the power of symbolism, offering our all, strange fire, cleansing the leper, the Day of Atonement, pilgrimage feasts, knowing the Lord, and more.

0:00 Introduction

1:18 Symbolism

11:51 A Willing and Wise Heart

30:06 Offering Our All

40:35 Melting Down Our Mirrors

45:52 Finishing the Tabernacle

1:00:36 Intro to Leviticus

1:05:55 Burnt Offerings

1:22:08 Meat & Peace Offerings

1:34:58 Sin & Trespass Offerings

1:54:37 Providing for the Priests & Consecrating Them

2:02:43 True Fire and Strange Fire

2:30:34 Clean and Unclean

2:44:37 Quarantining Iniquity

2:54:36 Cleansing the Leper

3:14:18 Issues of Blood

3:22:07 Day of Atonement & the Scapegoat

3:40:45 I Am the Lord

3:48:35 Being Different & Making a Difference

4:04:19 Feasts of the Jewish Calendar

4:08:17 The Strictness of the Law

4:18:34 The Jubilee

4:28:49 Blessings or Curses

4:39:42 Knowing What or Why or Who

4:47:58 Conclusion

Exodus 24-34: Tabernacle or Golden Calf?

Exodus 24-34: Tabernacle or Golden Calf?

April 20, 2022

An indepth study of Exodus 24-34, which recounts the design of the Tabernacle and the story of the Golden Calf. This lesson focuses on experiences with God, bearing and wearing the priesthood, plundering the riches of Egypt, glory or goodness, the lesser priesthood, and more.

0:00 Introduction

5:18 Accepting the Law

17:54 Experiences with God

31:49 Designing the Tabernacle

40:45 The Ark of the Covenant

1:01:07 The Table of Shewbread & the Candlestick

1:09:41 The Tent of Testimony

1:29:40 The Priestly Garments

1:59:35 Preparing the Priests

2:09:27 The Incense Altar, Laver, and Anointing Oil

2:22:09 Called to Construct

2:27:19 The Golden Calf

2:50:37 Consuming Consequences

3:07:18 Near or Far from God

3:19:19 Goodness or Glory

3:29:25 New Tablets & Lesser Priesthood

3:45:08 God's Reintroduction

3:50:18 Being True to God

4:00:31 Veiling our Radiance

4:04:59 Conclusion

Exodus 18-23: ”Ascending Sinai”

Exodus 18-23: ”Ascending Sinai”

April 13, 2022

An indepth study of Exodus 18-23, which recounts Israel's journey to Mount Sinai and the giving of the Ten Commandments and other laws. This lesson focuses on teaching and training, learning to delegate, a peculiar people, the Ten Commandments, civil and criminal law, enforced empathy, and more.

0:00 Introduction

4:53 Jethro, Moses, and the Blessings of Extended Family

15:04 What the Lord has Done

19:31 Learning to Lead: Doing For or Doing To

35:16 Teach Correct Principles & Let Them Govern Themselves

1:08:48 Learning to Delegate

1:26:08 Claiming a Peculiar People

1:35:31 Preparing the People for Sinai

1:58:46 The Ten Commandments (#1-3)

2:15:20 Remembering the Sabbath

2:25:47 Honoring Father & Mother

2:31:08 The Last Five Commandments

2:41:02 Reacting to the Law

2:52:18 Getting Your Ear Pierced

2:58:08 Civil & Criminal Law

3:20:04 Enforced Empathy

3:26:43 Preserving Justice

3:34:07 Pilgrimage Feasts

3:43:38 Preparing for the Promised Land

3:50:54 Conclusion

Easter Message: ”Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace”

Easter Message: ”Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace”

April 6, 2022

An Easter message focused on the phrase from Hebrews 4:16, "come boldly to the throne of grace." This lesson focuses on the ark of the covenant, the Holy of Holies, recognizing our need for grace, not fearing what others might think, gaining confidence before God, and more.

0:00 Introduction

8:28 Coming Boldly

14:43 The Throne of Grace

19:41 The Holy of Holies

23:16 The Day of Atonement & Raiders of the Lost Ark

29:02 Acknowledging Our Need for Grace

34:22 Fear of What Others Might Think

52:20 Fear of Facing God

58:39 The Compassion & Condescension of Christ

1:15:01 Christ and the Veil

1:19:34 Come unto Christ

Exodus 14-17: ”Parting the Waters”

Exodus 14-17: ”Parting the Waters”

March 30, 2022

An indepth study of Exodus 14-17, which recounts Israel's crossing of the Red, receiving manna from heaven, and murmuring along the way. This lesson focuses on becoming entangled in sin, faith or fear, standing still or moving forward, the sea of faith, not living by bread alone, sustaining the prophet, and more.

0:00 Introduction

6:38 Entangled in Sin

16:45 Faith or Fear

22:19 Stand Still or Move Forward

27:50 Impossible Commands

38:03 Parting the Waters

52:30 Swallowed Up in the Sea

58:15 The Sea of Faith

1:04:42 The Song of Moses

1:21:52 Murmuring at Marah

1:32:25 Manna from Heaven

1:59:14 Memorializing the Manna

2:06:49 More Murmuring

2:18:01 Sustaining the Prophet

2:29:17 Conclusion

Exodus 7-13: ”Let My People Go”

Exodus 7-13: ”Let My People Go”

March 23, 2022

An indepth study of Exodus 7-13, which recounts the story of Israel's exodus from Egypt, from the first plague to the Passover. This lesson focuses on wandering children, lessons from the plagues, unconditional surrender, Passover symbolism, redeeming the firstborn, leaving Egypt, and more.

0:00 Introduction

1:06 Will Wandering Children Return

6:51 Stephen's Story of Moses

24:28 Hearkening to Prophets

33:08 Moses & Aaron against Pharaoh

37:09 Water to Blood

45:44 Letting Our Sins Go

50:05 Frogs & the Consequences of Sin

1:00:24 Lice & Natural Consequences

1:07:51 Flies & Obeying on Our Terms

1:16:33 Cattle & Distinguishing the Righteous from the Wicked

1:19:36 Boils, Pestilence, & Hitting the Heart

1:24:00 Hail & Deciding for Ourselves

1:35:44 Locusts & Last Chances

1:47:11 Darkness & Total Sacrifice

1:52:47 Plundering the Riches of Egypt

2:04:33 The Final Warning

2:10:16 Passover Symbolism

2:22:38 Besting the Gods of Egypt

2:26:55 The Feast of Unleavened Bread

2:36:27 More Passover Instructions

2:40:59 Unconditional Surrender

2:50:14 More Passover Commandments

3:00:49 Redeeming the Firstborn

3:16:02 Leaving Egypt

3:21:34 Conclusion

Exodus 1-6: ”The Burning Bush”

Exodus 1-6: ”The Burning Bush”

March 16, 2022

An indepth study of Exodus 1-6, which recounts the story of Moses from birth, through his experience at the Burning Bush, to his return to Egypt. This lesson focuses on women of deliverance, defending the defenseless, turning aside to see, the great I AM, trusting God, passing down the covenant, and more. 

0:00 Introduction

5:22 A Pharaoh who know not Joseph

13:40 Women of Deliverance

28:35 Entrusting Children to the Lord

53:30 Defending the Defenseless

1:12:50 The Burning Bush

1:27:19 Rounds of Reassurance

1:29:39 Coming to Know I AM

1:38:56 Promised Blessings

1:47:12 Trusting God

1:54:59 Weaknesses & Strengths

2:12:07 Passing Down the Covenant

2:30:37 Moses before Pharaoh

2:36:34 Sacrificing Time & the 2-sided Handcart

2:46:25 Bricks without Straw

2:57:04 An Effectual Struggle Remains

3:05:03 Overcoming Adversity

3:15:22 Conclusion

Genesis 42-50: ”Joseph & His Brothers”

Genesis 42-50: ”Joseph & His Brothers”

March 9, 2022

An indepth study of Genesis 42-50, which recounts the story of Joseph in Egypt and his reconciliation with his brothers. This lesson focuses on faith and forgiveness, types and shadows of Christ, true remorse, transactions or relationships, the Bread of Life, Patriarchal Blessings, and more.

0:00 Introduction

2:32 Faith & Forgiveness

7:39 Making Use of the Means

12:00 Getting Past the Strange & Rough

16:07 The Nakedness of the Land

18:38 True Men or True Remorse

30:22 Joseph's Response

33:29 Money in their Sacks

40:41 Collateral & Christ

51:10 Brother Benjamin

56:58 Debt or Gift

1:01:03 The Bitter Cup

1:14:25 Forgiveness & Reconciliation

1:35:15 Joseph & Jacob

1:40:35 Sacrificing all for the Bread of Life

1:55:21 Ephraim & Manasseh

2:17:27 Patriarchal Blessings & the 12 Tribes

2:43:12 Doubting Forgiveness

2:57:36 Joseph's Prophecy of Joseph Smith

Genesis 37-41: ”Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors”

Genesis 37-41: ”Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors”

March 2, 2022

An indepth study of Genesis 37-41, which recounts the story of Joseph being sold into Egypt and rising to prominence there. This lesson focuses on parental sacrifice, the coat of many colors, morality in the face of temptation, our attitude during adversity, laying up in store, the Hymn of the Pearl, and more.

0:00 Introduction

1:58 The Birth of Benjamin

15:06 Joseph's Birthright

19:25 The Coat of Many Colors

29:19 Joseph's Dreams

36:20 Selling Joseph into Egypt

53:03 Potiphar: Setting the Stage

56:57 Judah & Tamar

1:16:58 Tamar's Twins & Connections to Christ

1:27:16 Joseph & Potiphar

1:32:13 Joseph & Potiphar's Wife

2:02:57 Attitude in Adversity

2:09:53 Interpreting Dreams

2:21:21 Joseph before Pharaoh

2:40:38 Laying Up in Store

2:56:15 The Hymn of the Pearl

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