Unshaken Saints

1 Kings 12-22: ”How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?”

June 22, 2022

An in-depth study of 1 Kings 12-22, which recount the reigns of Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Asa, Ahab, and Jehoshaphat, and the ministry of the prophet Elijah. This lesson focuses on overzealousness or laxity, counterfeit or real religion, reform and obedience, wickedness or righteousness, trust in the Lord, false or true prophets, the still, small voice, the valley of decision, and more.

0:00 Introduction

2:54 The Books of Chronicles

11:00 Chronicles on David & Solomon

27:12 Rehoboam's Overzealous Leadership

49:29 Jeroboam's Convenient Idolatry

1:02:36 Counterfeit vs. Real Religion

1:14:06 Real Reform & Exact Obedience

1:26:28 Vision in a Blind Seer

1:47:26 Abijam & Asa

2:10:12 Wickedness in Israel

2:17:01 Sealing the Heavens

2:26:20 Elijah & the Widow of Zarephath

2:44:10 Raising the Widow's Son

2:56:42 Elijah & the Priests of Baal

3:37:41 The Still, Small Voice

3:57:09 Elijah Calls Elisha

4:00:05 God of the Hills & Valleys

4:06:47 Misplaced Mercy or Exact Obedience

4:14:15 Ahab & Jezebel

4:20:21 King Jehoshaphat

4:25:22 False Prophets or True?

4:45:23 Jehoshaphat's Repentance & Reform

4:50:38 Fear, Fasting, and Faith

4:59:59 Stand Still & See the Salvation of the Lord

5:09:26 The Valley of Decision

5:15:49 Conclusion

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