Unshaken Saints

1 Samuel 8-31: ”The Battle Is the Lord’s”

June 8, 2022

An in-depth study of 1 Samuel 8-31, which includes the stories of Samuel, Saul, Jonathan, David, Goliath, and Abigail. This lesson focuses on honoring choices you don't agree with, sacrifice & obedience, true courage, the inward vs. the outward, carrying your own shield of faith, love and envy, position or person, loving our enemies, forgiveness and the atonement (the story of Abigail is a must-learn!), and more.

0:00 Introduction

2:23 When a Loved One Makes a Choice You Don't Agree With

26:00 The Samuel Principle

40:12 The Call of Saul

52:51 Saul Anointed & Transformed

1:05:02 Israel United, Rebuked, & Reassured

1:19:46 Saul Offers Sacrifice

1:26:24 No Smiths in Israel

1:33:20 Jonathan & the Philistine Garrison

1:53:44 To Obey Is Better than Sacrifice

2:15:39 Samuel Chooses David

2:31:09 David & Goliath

3:10:29 Jonathan's Love & Saul's Envy

3:43:37 Saul versus David

4:09:37 David Spares Saul's Life

4:20:06 David & Abigail

4:43:18 David Spares Saul Again

4:52:14 The Witch of Endor

5:00:29 David among the Philistines

5:12:45 The End of Saul

5:17:19 Conclusion

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