Unshaken Saints

2 Kings 1-13: The Ministry of Elisha

June 29, 2022

An in-depth study of 2 Kings 1-13, which recounts the ministry of Elisha. This lesson focuses on passing the mantle, mocking "baldness," the widow's oil, the Shunammite woman, Naaman the leper, Gehazi's greed, floating iron, eyes to see, the end of Ahab & Jezebel, repairing the Temple, a prophet's bones, and more.

0:00 Introduction

3:53 Elijah and the Captains of 50

20:57 Elisha's Loyalty to Elijah

31:11 Elijah Caught Up to Heaven

40:45 Passing the Mantle

56:26 Salting the Spring

1:01:52 Mocking Bald Elisha

1:09:37 Victory Over the Enemies of Israel

1:23:04 The Widow's Oil

1:32:31 Making Room for the Prophet

1:42:26 Raising the Woman's Son

2:06:00 Embodying the Condescension of Christ

2:12:22 Replacing Bad with Good & Inadequacy with Abundance

2:16:22 Naaman the Leper

2:45:15 Gehazi's Greed

3:00:38 Floating Iron

3:07:59 Eyes to See

3:17:28 Scarcity and Abundance

3:39:50 Seeing a Future You're Meant to Avoid

3:54:15 Choosing the Wrong Side of the Family Tree

4:01:51 The Death of Jezebel & the End of Ahab's Line

4:14:49 Jehosheba, Jehoiada, & the Return of the King

4:28:08 Repairing the Temple

4:40:05 Losing a Righteous Influence

4:47:13 The Death of Elisha

4:55:13 Conclusion

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