Unshaken Saints

2 Samuel 1-1 Kings 11: David & Solomon

June 15, 2022

An in-depth study of 2 Samuel and the first half of 1 Kings, which recounts the reigns of King David and King Solomon. This lesson focuses on loving your enemies, proclaiming peace, steadying the ark, David and Bathsheba, Amnon and Tamar, the rebellion of Absalom, a prodigal's return, wisdom, largeness of heart, judging without becoming judgmental, building with cedar and gold, temple dedications, worldliness and materialism, and more.

0:00 Introduction

4:30 3 Kings of United Israel

8:50 Mourning for Jonathan & Saul

26:23 David Anointed King of Judah

32:58 Proclaiming Peace

41:17 The Rise of David

53:28 King Over All Israel

1:05:17 Steadying the Ark

1:26:47 Desire to Build the Temple

1:50:18 Extending the Kingdom & Establishing Peace

2:08:45 David & Bathsheba

2:51:05 David's Sin Is Revealed

3:09:24 Amnon & Tamar

3:30:30 Absalom Flees & Returns: Reconciliation

3:47:24 Absalom's Rebellion

4:06:50 The Death of Absalom

4:15:41 Recovering from Rebellion

4:38:56 A Psalm of David

4:46:23 The Arm of Flesh

5:04:55 David's Last Days

5:08:02 Solomon as Successor

5:30:34 The Wisdom of Solomon

5:43:57 Discerning a Mother & Dividing a Child

5:55:56 Largeness of Heart

6:02:44 Building the Temple

6:23:40 Cedar and Gold

6:32:14 The Dedication of the Temple

6:58:02 Wisdom or Wealth?

7:02:21 Worldliness and Materialism

7:19:23 Conclusion

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