Unshaken Saints

Easter Message: ”Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace”

April 6, 2022

An Easter message focused on the phrase from Hebrews 4:16, "come boldly to the throne of grace." This lesson focuses on the ark of the covenant, the Holy of Holies, recognizing our need for grace, not fearing what others might think, gaining confidence before God, and more.

0:00 Introduction

8:28 Coming Boldly

14:43 The Throne of Grace

19:41 The Holy of Holies

23:16 The Day of Atonement & Raiders of the Lost Ark

29:02 Acknowledging Our Need for Grace

34:22 Fear of What Others Might Think

52:20 Fear of Facing God

58:39 The Compassion & Condescension of Christ

1:15:01 Christ and the Veil

1:19:34 Come unto Christ

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