Unshaken Saints

Exodus 18-23: ”Ascending Sinai”

April 13, 2022

An indepth study of Exodus 18-23, which recounts Israel's journey to Mount Sinai and the giving of the Ten Commandments and other laws. This lesson focuses on teaching and training, learning to delegate, a peculiar people, the Ten Commandments, civil and criminal law, enforced empathy, and more.

0:00 Introduction

4:53 Jethro, Moses, and the Blessings of Extended Family

15:04 What the Lord has Done

19:31 Learning to Lead: Doing For or Doing To

35:16 Teach Correct Principles & Let Them Govern Themselves

1:08:48 Learning to Delegate

1:26:08 Claiming a Peculiar People

1:35:31 Preparing the People for Sinai

1:58:46 The Ten Commandments (#1-3)

2:15:20 Remembering the Sabbath

2:25:47 Honoring Father & Mother

2:31:08 The Last Five Commandments

2:41:02 Reacting to the Law

2:52:18 Getting Your Ear Pierced

2:58:08 Civil & Criminal Law

3:20:04 Enforced Empathy

3:26:43 Preserving Justice

3:34:07 Pilgrimage Feasts

3:43:38 Preparing for the Promised Land

3:50:54 Conclusion

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