Unshaken Saints

Exodus 24-34: Tabernacle or Golden Calf?

April 20, 2022

An indepth study of Exodus 24-34, which recounts the design of the Tabernacle and the story of the Golden Calf. This lesson focuses on experiences with God, bearing and wearing the priesthood, plundering the riches of Egypt, glory or goodness, the lesser priesthood, and more.

0:00 Introduction

5:18 Accepting the Law

17:54 Experiences with God

31:49 Designing the Tabernacle

40:45 The Ark of the Covenant

1:01:07 The Table of Shewbread & the Candlestick

1:09:41 The Tent of Testimony

1:29:40 The Priestly Garments

1:59:35 Preparing the Priests

2:09:27 The Incense Altar, Laver, and Anointing Oil

2:22:09 Called to Construct

2:27:19 The Golden Calf

2:50:37 Consuming Consequences

3:07:18 Near or Far from God

3:19:19 Goodness or Glory

3:29:25 New Tablets & Lesser Priesthood

3:45:08 God's Reintroduction

3:50:18 Being True to God

4:00:31 Veiling our Radiance

4:04:59 Conclusion

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