Unshaken Saints

Ruth - 1 Samuel 7: ”Whither Thou Goest…”

June 1, 2022

An in-depth study of the Book of Ruth and the first 7 chapters of 1 Samuel, which cover the stories of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz, and those of Hannah, Eli, and Samuel. This lesson focuses on living with loss, waiting for blessings, selflessness over selfishness, honoring the stranger, gleaning in the right fields, comforting the afflicted, waiting for blessings, trusting fallible leaders, raiders of the lost ark, and more.

0:00 Introduction to the Book of Ruth

4:18 Famine & Loss

11:44 Thinking of Others or Thinking of Self

26:47 Putting Your Blessings on Hold to Bless Others

31:27 Deciding to Go or to Stay

40:15 Giving In & Going Home

45:43 Gleaning in Boaz's Field

54:17 Providing & Protecting

57:42 Honoring the Stranger

1:03:17 Trust Under the Wings

1:09:05 Going Above & Beyond the Minimum

1:18:13 A Near Kinsman

1:25:26 Gleaning in the Right Fields

1:31:33 Ruth & Boaz at the Threshingfloor

1:42:20 Spreading the Skirt

1:54:10 Redeeming Ruth

2:05:00 Hannah's Portion & Provocation

2:16:06 Comforting the Afflicted

2:21:09 Hannah's Prayer & Eli's Misjudgment

2:36:44 Hannah & Samuel

2:48:45 The Song of Hannah

2:56:09 The Sins of the Sons of Eli

3:12:54 Samuel's Call

3:26:25 Raiders of the Lost Ark

3:35:45 The Consequences of Taking the Ark Unworthily

3:49:44 Returning to the Lord

3:55:26 Conclusion: Ebenezer

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