Unshaken Saints

The Book of Joshua: ”Choose You This Day”

May 18, 2022

An in-depth study of the Book of Joshua, which recounts Israel's entry into the Promised Land and their conquest of Canaan. This lesson focuses on filling shoes, crossing the Jordan, the Battle of Jericho, Achan the accursed, lengthening our days, the mainstream and the margins, and more.

0:00 Introduction

5:31 Joshua, filling shoes

16:37 Preparing for the Promised Land

34:05 Rahab in Jericho

53:34 Crossing the Jordan River

1:08:02 Magnifying, Memorializing, and Renewing Covenants

1:30:19 The Battle of Jericho

1:46:45 Achan the Accursed

2:19:53 The Battle of Ai

2:25:42 The Gibeonites' Trick

2:37:11 God Fighting Battles & Lengthening Days

2:53:11 The Conquest Continues & Caleb Stakes a Claim

3:10:28 Inheritances in Israel

3:30:15 Mainstream & Margin, Exceptions & Rules

4:12:59 Conclusion

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