Unshaken Saints

The Book of Leviticus (& Exodus 35-40): ”Holiness to the Lord”

April 29, 2022

An indepth study of the Book of Leviticus, along with Exodus 35-40, which recounts the construction of the Tabernacle and sacrificial rites and religious rituals of ancient Israel. This lesson focuses on the power of symbolism, offering our all, strange fire, cleansing the leper, the Day of Atonement, pilgrimage feasts, knowing the Lord, and more.

0:00 Introduction

1:18 Symbolism

11:51 A Willing and Wise Heart

30:06 Offering Our All

40:35 Melting Down Our Mirrors

45:52 Finishing the Tabernacle

1:00:36 Intro to Leviticus

1:05:55 Burnt Offerings

1:22:08 Meat & Peace Offerings

1:34:58 Sin & Trespass Offerings

1:54:37 Providing for the Priests & Consecrating Them

2:02:43 True Fire and Strange Fire

2:30:34 Clean and Unclean

2:44:37 Quarantining Iniquity

2:54:36 Cleansing the Leper

3:14:18 Issues of Blood

3:22:07 Day of Atonement & the Scapegoat

3:40:45 I Am the Lord

3:48:35 Being Different & Making a Difference

4:04:19 Feasts of the Jewish Calendar

4:08:17 The Strictness of the Law

4:18:34 The Jubilee

4:28:49 Blessings or Curses

4:39:42 Knowing What or Why or Who

4:47:58 Conclusion

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