Unshaken Saints

The Book of Numbers: ”Look and Live”

May 5, 2022

An indepth study of the Book of Numbers, which recounts the Israelites' 40 years of wandering in the wilderness and the lessons they learned along the way. This lesson focuses on ransoming the firstborn, awakening a guilty conscience, balancing flexibility and obedience, murmuring and meekness, faith or fear, the brazen serpent, Balaam's donkey, and more. 

0:00 Introduction

2:21 The Book of Numbers: "Wander, Wander, Die"

12:44 Numbering Israel & Setting up Camp

22:08 Setting Up Camp

31:29 Ransoming the Firstborn

51:28 Awakening a Guilty Conscience

1:06:56 Set Apart for God

1:24:26 Gifts to God

1:41:55 Flexibility & Obedience

1:59:09 Murmuring about the Manna

2:18:15 The Meekness of Moses

2:47:05 Spying Out the Land

2:57:16 Faith or Fear

3:14:18 Rebellion in the Ranks

3:36:55 Proof of the Priesthood

3:54:24 Moses' Mistake

4:07:34 The Brazen Serpent

4:20:23 Balaam & the Rewards of Unrighteousness

5:00:18 Idolatry & Adultery

5:09:00 Renumbering Israel & Exceptions to the Rule

5:18:47 Successors & Mentors

5:35:47 Unity & Diversity

5:46:33 Exodus & Inheritance

5:58:59 Conclusion

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